The Nation Of Sheeple;

The little tin god says; “March”, come and do my bidding, “Yes Sir”, You have the instructions. Follow them. “Yes Sir”, Attention! “Yes Sir.” March into the Ocean! “Yes Sir.” And thus the mindless masses prove once again that they have given up the ability to think for themselves…..”The whole aim of Trump politics is to keep the populace alarmed, (And hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H. L. Mencken…… ~~~~~This “March on Washington” today reminded me of the herd of cattle stampeding at the sound of a rattlesnakes tail eager to do the bidding of the master of deception, the snake in the grass. The same guy who got Adam & Eve to bite into that forbidden apple….. ~~~~~I noticed that the whole crowd was composed of white people, not a black face in that crowd, my compliments to the Black People for not falling in line with that old white man’s con job…… ~~~~~What a bunch of Sore Losers, crying; “Scam” “Rigged” “Crooked” “Fixed”, whereas, had they won they would be praising that same system to the sky above, “How Great is This!” ~~~~~I had such high hopes that in my lifetime we would have Peace on Earth, yet it seems that goal is further away than it ever was. I wish the children would be out there continuing their march for a future livable Planet. One march is not enough, we must be out there everyday, because greed never sleeps, we also must never sleep….. ~~~~~Note that every word I write is instantly sent into History, for time waits for no man, every thought is also gone, gone, gone into History. It cannot be trapped in this present moment, because time keeps on slipping away into the past. In one hundred years who will remember these words? ~~~~~Courage is the word of this moment……

3 thoughts on “The Nation Of Sheeple;

  1. Don Henley, Little Tin God. Great musician. I saw a couple of black fools out there. There were quite a few who voted for Man Who Must Not Be Named. I am always surprised to learn who his followers are. He was supported, in the main, by whites, but he also has non-white, non-straight, and multi-ethnic support for his policies. Allegedly, he saved these people money, so they like him. We are in a sad, sorry place.


    1. I am amazed you remember Don Henley from the album; The End Of The Innocence”, I bought this tape in 1989 while I was working on the Exxon Valdez oil spill. This country is being invaded by people with little Petty Minds, who, instead of thinking for themselves, want a Leader to do the thinking for them. This usually leads to Mob Rule. One against the Other…..It does not bode well for our country. “The numbers speak of the contempt with which the court at Washington regards the American Public. The habit of mind supports the belief, widely held among the ladies and gentlemen at ease on the banks of the Potomac (And openly expressed as the statist bias of the Clinton (Trump) administration), that wealth is conditional rather than absolute. People elsewhere in the country might imagine that wealth is the product of creative energy and thought or that it belongs to the individuals from whose labor it is derived. Washington thinks otherwise. Wealth is a gift of the state, the product of a tax exemption or a federal regulation, not the work of a carpenter or an engineer or an architect, but something made by the stroke of a functionary’s pen, by the inclusion or omission of a single clause in a funding bill. by a word whispered in the ear of one’s client or patron. Fortunes smile is the smile of the courtier, the consultant, the lobbyist, the friend of Lloyd Bentsen, or Dan Rostenkowski. For the time being the government claims only a little less than half of all the revenues produced by the citizenry, but the gossip in court circles suggests that this sum has already been deemed too small. The President’s economic advisers mention the pressing need for more tax money, and officeholders of all ranks complain that they have not been given funds adequate to the monumental works of social engineering. They assume that the national revenue is more appropriately employed by the state, and the money retained by the populace they regard as a donative granted to an ungrateful rabble that scatters the court’s largess on idle pleasures and foolish toys.” More in the book by Louis H. Lapham, “The Wish for Kings.” ‘Versailles On The Potomac’ page 87……A more astute Essayist I have never met, and I have read thousands of books in my lifetime. I just loaned my copy of “Money And Class In America.” to my neighbors, another worthy read…..Have a nice day my good friend…….Regards, George


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