It cannot happen Here;

I have looked at the photos in the newspapers of the long lines of cars trying to get to the food banks, before they run out of food…..Many of those cars in the line cost 30,000., 40,000., 50,000., dollars. What? you did not think it could happen to YOU? How many of those people in line for food ever in their lifetime thought to donate even five dollars to their local food pantry? I will bet that every-one in that food pantry line owes at least $10,000, or $20,000. or more on their credit cards……Remember that Capitol One AD, “What’s in Your Wallet?” Well that is because we want it all. No Interest for 1 year and then, and then 19%, 21%, 25%, even up to 30% if you do not pay on time…… Sign up NOW! How stupid we become when we give up the ability to Think For Ourselves…………………………………Oh! sure we must have that latest fad, the thing we just cannot live without. Now people are living without enough to eat, so they have to stand in line at the food Pantry. Yes, it seems like the party is never over, it can just go on forever, spend all the money you have yet to earn, and therefore become a debt slave, and you will never be free, because before you can pay off the last debt, you will incur a new debt, because we must always have MORE, MORE, MORE! Maybe think about what you actually need to live, food, clothing, shelter, all the rest is fluff, not needed. Think of all those tribes of Indians living just fine without $$$$$, Nature provided, gave them what they needed. How much does the air you breath cost? Only because the corporations have not been able to figure out a way to charge you for it yet; but the day is coming when you will have to pay for the air you breath……Meanwhile keep shopping on Amazon, Mr Bezos is now worth at least $600. Billion bucks, he is aiming to be the first Trillionaire. Help him out, order NOW……

3 thoughts on “It cannot happen Here;

  1. Now, now. There, there. They are driving those expensive cars because cheap ones are no longer made. I bet many of them donated…to something because giving makes you feel good if we follow the pop psychology. The thing that gets me is how many people feel embarrassed seeking help that should have been offered by the government when they decided to shut us down. I feel like I’m living in China.

    George, do you think all that is going on is just a way to make money for those who already have too much? The whole vaccine rollout deal seams like a big money giveaway to Pharma. Homelessness is a billion dollar industry now. That disgusts me. We are being commodified to death.

    Now, I’ve got to go beg money for a lawyer’s retainer. The insurance company and the contractor who destroyed my home are getting antsy. They have been stalling me, hoping the statute of limitations would run out. There should be greater than a 3 year statute on fraud, but that is where we are, and white collar criminals get away with any and everything because little people cannot afford to fight them in court. It still bothers me that in order to get the company that is supposed to have a fiduciary responsibility to me to do what is right, I have to go to court.

    The world is a ghetto.


    1. The World Is A Ghetto; WAR, “Deliver the Word” Album…..Gypsy Man, is my favorite song…..Why would you ask an old white man’s advice for anything? I am well aware of the plight of Black People here in America, like I do not watch a T.V. I read and I try to listen, deaf as I am……The best advice I can offer, not knowing the whole problem, start to finish, is just MOVE ON, go some place different from where you are at. That’s what I always did when it got to be more than I could bear, I just put on my “Walking Shoes” and I started Walking. Am here I am 75 years old, and still going, ready to dance to the Blues. My feet always led me true…….


      1. Sweetie, my first love was an old white man. Why wouldn’t I ask your advice? I look for quality, not skin color. We all bleed red. I am a peripatetic, too, but just now can’t move on until I get these clowns who tore down my home and replaced it with junk. When that is final, we are outty.


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