What the old man is doing with his days;

Well it took me 75 years, but I finally have my own home, at least it is mine until I die, then, of course someone else will want to live in it. It is a simple old log house, I have Electric & Phone for dialing 911 just in case I need an ambulance, I am after all, and old fart…… ~~~~~What else do I have in my home? I have this blessed Silence, no traffic roaring by all day and night, no T.V. to waste my life watching mindless crap……I have a wood stove, this stove with about one log an hour, heats my whole house, heats my water, it will cook food on top, keep meals warm, burn up most of my trash, which is not much as old men do not need much to live on so I make little trash, my neighbors bring over their paper-printed newspapers for me to keep even warmer, great neighbors! ~~~~~How this works out is like a new kind of magic for old men to learn, and good advice for young people too, as someday they also will be old folks, time keeps on rolling merrily along, it waits for no-one, and no-one is immune to the passage of father time. On this Planet Earth, Life & Death stalk the land; Life is after Babies, and Death is after anyone he can find…..That is where the guns come from, Death wanting more and more of itself, the selfish fuck found out how good Greed works to fill his coffers…..However, he (Old Man Death) can be defeated, by people learning to Love each Other. ~~~~~What’s the big deal? You are Black & I amWhite, If I close my eyes everything is BLACK, and if I stare at the Sun, everything is WHITE……Tell me please, why we still have people living in ghetto’s? Have we learned nothing in all of our many lives? Maybe, Maybe, Maybe; We should let our children run this world, after all we old folks are all going to die, and then it is theirs. Hopefully we old farts left enough of the world natural enough for them to survive in, before tools and knowledge, men & women just found enough to eat by walking along the path of life……Somewhere that old snake Greed snuck in and made his self at home, and then we all had to go to work and spend our paychecks on rent & food, the free ride was over. Money $$$$$ Money showed up, and every man wanted more and more of it, Good Old Greed working with Mr. Death, and man do they take their toll; 29 miners lost in cave in, their bosses didn’t think it was worth it to protect the workers, “There’s plenty more where they came from…….We just gotta keep them women having babies……. ~~~~~That’s where it is at my friends, consumers must always breed more consumers. If the wonderful ladies would just quit having so many babies the Capitalist World would collapse for lack of Consumers…..Barter, morality, trust in Nature, if she does not Love you, you will die, If she Loves you, she will show you the WAY………

4 thoughts on “What the old man is doing with his days;

  1. 75 is not old today. You gotta get to 99, like Betty White, the last Golden Girl standing, to be old. You just continue sitting up and taking nourishment and you’ll get there.

    And about capitalism and consumers: they will never perish from the earth as long as they can find and develop new markets by creating desire for crap no one really needs. Look at what has happened to those who have become rich in China. They want to consume and show out as much as any bunch of rich folks ever created in America. They ways they behave are not in concert with their cultural heritage, but communist capitalism currently holds sway.

    You are right when you talk about how labor was created by forcing the people off the land and into factories, forcing them to work for a wage instead of being independent and living from the earth. There is a wonderful book, The Dollmaker by Harriet Arnow, that tells that story. That family, however, was able to make it back to the land after being trapped in Detroit around the time of WWII. Jane Fonda was in the film of the same name and I forgave her for Hanoi.

    I, too, love silence. There is regeneration in silence. My neighborhood, deep in the city, is very quiet now, except for the fireworks and increasingly regular gunfire. Still, it is much quieter than it was before.

    I have been so disappointed in my country these days. I truly expected us to be much ahead of where we are now in terms of social development. Money, rather the need for it, has corrupted so many. We’ve lost the old ways that went along with being independent and living from the land. We used to produce everything we needed from the land. Water, food, medicine, even fun. I doubt we can get back to that simplicity unless we do something to protect and save our Mother. I’m not willing to stop women from giving birth, but the birth rate is declining. It usually does in times of severe stress. Part of the reason the evangelicals are so worried about being in the minority is because they are not able to reproduce themselves in sufficient numbers. Hell, who can afford ten or twelve children nowadays?e
    If only we could go back to the land…

    You are light. Keep shining.

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    1. My Dear Displaced, thank you for that last note: “You gotta get to 99″…..Gunfire in your neighborhood, where, pray tell are you living? I am sorry for all the problems you are having with the powers that be, I do not fully understand what is happening to you, are they trying to take your home away from you, did some contractor cheat you out of work that was supposed to be done and did not get done? I have not read all of your missives, sorry, please tell me what is going on perhaps this old man can offer some advice as I just went through hell on Earth when my lady of 35+years passed away without having married me, tho I asked many times….. I have little faith that Mr. Biden will be able to do much to change things as he also is a puppet of the oligarchs, ask how much money was spent on getting him elected and where did it come from? One must remember that in a Capitalist Society the need for a constant supply of consumers never ends, nor does the need for slave wage workers, and of course cannon fodder for the military armies….We now have over 7 billion mouths to feed on a planet that at best is capable of supporting 1 billion mouths, at present people all over the world do not have enough to eat, because of a stupid war the people of Yemen, the entire country, is in danger of starving to death, so who cares? Obviously not the USA since we are happily selling the Saudis weapons and intelligence to pursue that war….. On another thought I wonder how long other countries will continue buying up US Treasuries and lending us more and more money to keep our sinking ship afloat, we already owe 30 + trillion bucks, and what happens when the Treasury cannot pay the interest on that debt? Interesting thought, no? Well stay in touch my good friend and let me know how you are doing in your quest to survive in this world……George ________________________________


      1. Lemme just say this and I won’t do it again…compulsion: Georgy Porgy, puddin’ and pie! Kissed the girls and made ’em cry!

        My friend, I am living in Compton, where people have gone mad with shooting one another. There is also a craze for fireworks so strong they set off car alarms and shake houses like earthquakes.

        As for my home, in 2017 a contractor demolished my home and threw up some trash, abandoned the project, and collected $260K from the insurance company. A tree limb fell on my bedroom, cracked it open at the seams. The house was built in 1923 of good hardwood, so the damage was confined to the bedroom. I believe I have inadvertently become involved with a network of scammers that includes the insurance company, the department of Public Works, the Department of Insurance, and the contractor. They have been doing this sort of thing for some time. My insurance company will no longer speak to me even though my premiums are paid in full for the year. My adventures in corruption began with Trump’s entry into the White House, and they persist.

        Since all money is pretty much imaginary nowadays, we’ll just print some more to pay the interest I guess.

        I am so grateful for the time I have to knit and read. I went outside and worked in my yard for the first time in a long while yesterday. Got my heart rate up and everything. While I detest the place I have been forced to occupy for the past two years, I have my health, am still clothed in my right mind, and have good friends like you.



  2. My friend, I had to come searching for you. Happy to see you are doing well.
    The ladies should having less babies, then we would really have something to barter with, I love it.
    Stay well. Like our friend said in the comments, you are not yet 99 so you have a ways to go.


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