Wake up! Friends and fellow Human’s Being…  Does anyone pay any attention at all to the enormous amounts of Tax-payer monies being spent on the world armament industries?  In the past, when countries spent vast amounts of their treasuries on expanding their military prowess the end result was always a new WAR.  This time it is no different especially since we have little tin gods in charge of a large part of our fragile planet, those enormous ego’s cannot help but bully others, and create hatred and fear of those “Others”.  All one has to do is watch the actions of Agent Orange, Mr. Putty Putin, Mr. “Kill them all” Assad, Mr. “My Way” Erdogan, Mr. Xi:” Rule for Life”, command the people’s thoughts. Or Mr. Duarte, “I love to shoot them myself”.  All of the above love to respond to any dissent with a show of force…                                                                                                                                                                                Wake up! It is only a matter of time before one of the above, or even Mr. Kim Jong Un, of the “Hermit Kingdom” decides it is in his best interest to push the Big/Little red button.  The beginning of the END.  The reason these rulers want new Atomic plants is not so much to provide electricity to the masses, but they need them to produce Plutonium for new weapons of Mass Destruction, that is the real reason. You know if the good old USA. wants countries to abandon their weapons, perhaps it would have more success persuading them if we set the example by ridding ourselves of those same weapons.  Nothing like a good example being set by your peers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Wake up!  So here we are able to spend a Trillion Dollars a year or more on means of self-destruction, while the human misery of starvation, sickness, homelessness, and hopelessness go on all  over this world.  I.E.: Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and right here at home in the good old USA.  Forty Five million humans on food stamps, people sleeping on the streets.  I say that all these Tyrants (And that is the correct name for them.) Stand Condemned in the light of Truth and Compassion, and basic Humanity.  So, I guess, all we the People can do about this travesty of injustice is to stand tall and speak out with ONE VOICE, and say: NO MORE!                                             End of this discourse.  PEACE!