Melting the Arctic & the Antarctic.

Mr. Putin and his fleet of Icebreakers are causing the Arctic Polar Ice Caps to melt ever faster, and climate change caused by our human greed for more ever more of everything is now causing the Antarctic Polar Ice to melt, if we do not stop right now there will be no future for humans on Earth within 50/100 years because the Earth’s temperature will climb to over 150 degrees and it will be just another dead rock endlessly circling the sun……Anyone with half a brain must realize that this planet is very carefully designed to encourage life, but once that life gets out of control as we are now, out of control with our never ending greed, that life will cease to exist, humans will disappear, but humans have a lifespan of at most 100 years, Earth has had 5 billion years and has maybe another 5 billion to go, we humans will disappear, but life will go on because that is what Earth is designed for LIFE…..And guess what future life will discover that humans left behind? They will find thick metal vaults filled with bars of an inert metal, that is basically useless, and they will wonder why humans placed such value on such weird things……My advice is learn to walk once again, leave those cars at home and turn out the lights at dark and learn to live the really simple life, a little food, a little shelter, and two or three sets of clothes that are hand washable and string clotheslines in the Sun shine……That is all……

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