Meandering Mind of an old man

They say that “Wisdom comes with Age.” Well I am now 76 + years old, and I guess you have to hit 100 before any of that “Wisdom” comes to call, because it is sure elusive to old me. Now I have not viewed a T.V. screen in over 40 years, it was too much mindless crap for me to absorb, I desired my mind to be free of useless clutter. I do not feel like I am missing anything important, at least to me, the commercials made me sick. I am lucky, I live in an old log house in Alaska, 15 miles from any town, so really QUIET here, no traffic roar, a few really good neighbors, what else does an old man need? NOTHING…..And that is a wonderful place to be. I got this lap-top computer because I am deaf, so I could not use a tele-phone , so this is my contact with the big world outside my door…. Well this word press site is crappy, so I am leaving

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