So, I Remember YOU,

I have this little note-pad a gift from the Economist magazine, I write down the names of everyone I meet here on Word-Press and on the Medium site, just so as not to forget you and your thoughtful insight’s on my and other’s work…. Just the other day Mr. Louis H. Lapham sent me a personal note thanking me for recognizing his great catalog of Essay’s that speak to me forever of great Satire & Wit…. Speaking of great books to sit back and enjoy; Any of Mr. Louis H. Laphams collection of Essays: IE: The Wish for Kings, Imperial Masquerade, Money & Class in America, all well worth the price to pay……Another book I, personally made available by finding and purchasing over 40 copies of it was “The Experience A Celebration Of Being” By Sirio Esteve 1974 Random House…..And of Course “The River Why” by David James Duncan…….If one Loves to Read, one cannot go wrong here on this guide path. Why would I waste YOUR precious Time? I have read over 10 thousand books and these are my favorites…. ~~~~~

9 thoughts on “So, I Remember YOU,

  1. I really appreciate you recommending books and all of these I have not heard of. May I suggest to you that provide a little more information about each one in separate posts? Fiction? Mystery? Satire? What you liked? Perhaps a favorite passage that makes the book memorable enough to recommend.
    I like different types of books, mainly mystery, some biographies, I am currently rereading Sherlock Holmes mysteries for nth time. Still love the language and the characters.
    Before that I was reading Oscar Wilde plays, again a reread. But other educational books also interest me and I like also if I can borrow them from the library.

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    1. Chapter 2 of The River Why? “Water on the Brain, ‘after the doctor’s departure Koznyshev expressed the desire to go to the river with his fishing rod. He was fond of angling, and was apparently proud of being fond of such a stupid occupation.” Tolstoy, Anna Karenina…..

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    2. Mr. Louis H. Lapham is the Master of Satire; bar none, I just donated $100.00 to Lapham’s Quarterly, of which I own every issue, mostly to read His Essays,,,You might like to read “Money and Class in America” or “The wish for Kings” or” Imperial Masquerade” Here in Homer, Alaska we built the finest Library by buying Salmon, $100.00 got you a Salmon fish outside with your name on it! Any city would be proud to own such a Great Library!

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    1. You are in the note-book as a “Come-back”, We can learn many things about each other, via communication, since I am Deaf, this is a God-Send to me, to have this means of written words. The deaf world is a pretty lonely place, no Music; No Phone calls…..I reach out with this wonderful, magical new way to convey my thoughts, and share in the thoughts of other people…..


      1. I appreciate you taking a time out to respond to me. It’s a beautiful thing that has been made. Glad to see you communicating with your lovely online community.


  2. I do not know if anyone understands what I want to do here on my post’s, I am attempting to create the “House of Mankind” I am waging Peace instead of War, I am attempting to Shame the Rich into realizing that with Great Wealth comes great responsibility’s…..I am trying to ensure a Livable Future for our Children. I also want to clean up^ the mess we have made of our one and only life-sustaining Planet, after treating it like a garbage dump for the past thousand years. I am also trying to find a cure for the deadly, infectious disease called Greed, the Lust for Power & the quest for ever more Profit, over the reality of Poverty & Homelessness…….These are Lofty Ideals, but some-times One Man, can change the thinking of the world. Perseverance is important, when other people begin to take up^ these ideals, maybe they will spread like Wild-Fire. I believe that most humans, given a choice will opt for peace, a safe place to raise their children into adults, a Home, food enough, clothes, good schools and so on…..So jobs will be lost in the so-called Defense Industry,yet many jobs are there waiting for those people, like building Solar power farms, wind-mills, tidal generators, and most of all Clean-up…..So, Sir Gottfried, what have you to say to that?


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