When I die;

I want to fuel that Sun, that gave me this Life, made it possible for me to have Air to breath, a whole life time to live and have my being! ~~~~~Once again, I want to Gift my Children a World full of Joy! ~~~~~And once, again, the army opened fire on the protesters, even tho they had a ligament beef! How will we live without the Gas to take Us to town? We will have to relearn how to Walk! I want a world that is Livable, not destroyed for an ounce of Gold, or a rare diamond…..All of those mine-sites are Craters on our Moon! Look upon those sites and see if they will feed our children……A Future……..All of time slips quickly into the Past……It is all History as quickly as it is lived…..I am trying to find a sense of Humor here, a laugh, a joke! There is nothing funny about Rape! I always gave my Lady Respect! ~~~~~

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