7.5 + or – Human’s trying to exist;

On a planet with about a Max capacity of maybe 2 billion! We are going to Eat it Up^ people, long before our grand-children have a chance to try it out and enjoy it……~~~~~I hate to say this, but we are breeding like cock-a-roaches, like rats, like rabbits, like mosquito’s! ~~~~~Any-body guess why we have all of those deadly diseases roaming around the world, or those heat waves and hurricanes are so much stronger now? ~~~~~I think, when this world speaks, the people would be wise to LISTEN! ~~~~~If man will not take control of Population; Nature will! ~~~~~Nature is a very finely balanced, tuned instrument, it does not respond well when men try to exert Control over it……It all depends on the Sun & the Earth working along side each other, Together, as ONE!………………….Maybe, just imagine if the Sun decided not to Shine for us tomorrow, and the next, day? All of life on Earth would become frozen Ice Cubes, forever chilled, and then maybe after that that old Sun would deign to Shine again, and life on Earth would appear again, but this time there will be no Men! Destroyer’s of their only Home! ……

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