Picking One’s Battles;

Today I am picking a battle with the so-called “Master’s of the Universe”, those greedy men who have found a lucrative way of making More, and More Money…..They Gentrify a neighborhood by casting the Real People out on the Street, and then making homes, apartments into places that only millionaires can afford; and then erecting pretty little Illusion Palaces, of cheap, shoddy goods, little “Shop’s of Horrors” I call them, where they can fleece those millionaires of their hard earned Money! ~~~~~They then store all of their Ill-gotten gains in Bank Vaults, Gold Bars, which are Worthless; one cannot eat a Gold Bar, One cannot Burn a Gold Bar to heat one’s home, it just sit’s there inert, uncaring…..Awaiting it’s next owner, because as sure as I am sitting here writing this, They also will have to Die, and what good is a Fortune, if one cannot use it to Buy Their Way into Heaven? ~~~~~I think the Way into Heaven is paved by sharing One’s Good Fortune with those who are not so Fortunate, Why, I ask, are 40 Million Americans Homeless, in the Richest Country on Earth? Could it be that Evil disease called “GREED?” Why do we need Food Pantries? Could it be that the so-called”Masters of the Universe” want to keep it all for them-selves? ~~~~~Great Wealth blinds men to Reality, they can just go sailing on their Yachts, flying on their Private Jets, dedicated to the accumulation of Wealth, ignoring the Poverty that surrounds them, the Poverty caused by their GREED. ~~~~~One man has to live on $1.00 a day, while another man earns $10,000. dollars an hour, tough Luck, the Rich people say, as they sip on their Champagne cocktails, Most of them have never had the Pleasure of visiting a Ghetto, or the Sweat-shops which earn them that Money, never met the woman who sews those shirts they sell for $50. earning $1.50 a day for 12-15 hours a day, in an old factory building in Bangladesh…… ~~~~~Shame! Shame! Shame! ~~~~~I, myself, am a poor old man, yet when I get an extra dollar, I gift it away to that family down the street who cannot find enough to Eat, and then my gift comes back to me multiplied, so I can gift away even more Money, what is Money to me, I have food, clothes, shelter from the storm, and I will tell you Brothers and Sisters, that a Big Storm is coming! I store my Treasure away in Heaven, where I know it awaits me, not here on this Earth……Enough Said!

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