Something Beautiful, for a Change;

I desire to write something different here, now, I only have a moment in time to do it!…. ~~~~~What would this World be like, without all the Ills, of War, Poverty, and indifference?,,,,,,This is my dream, Many, Many, Back-Yard BBQ’s without any arguments, no fight’s, Just common Sharing. Have a Good time, one only lives a moment or two here on this Earth, and then just like that!……………………………. ~~~~~It is gone…….. No-one has Ever Returned from Death, to tell us about it! ~~~~~All of the answer’s (I Think) are contained in the Question; What is NOW? ~~~~~I can hear my own Heart Beating, I can feel the breath coming in my nose, and out of my mouth……..Is this important information? When one forgets to Inhale, one is likely to Die…. ~~~~~”I have flown to Star Stained heights, Sure that every Thing of Worth, was in the Sky, and not this Earth, So, I never thought to make my way, down ~~~~~ down, ~~~~~ down; ~~~~~ To Where to where the Iguanas Play” ~~~~~ Dory Previn, “Mythical King’s and Iguanas” Album, 19????

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