I shut down everything to do with News, 30 days ago……I found it to just be the same crap, over, and over again…..I find my Brain is a lot clearer, rid of the endless drivel. I have not even seen a T.V. in 30+ years, that added 10 years to my life! ~~~~~The only thing that matters to me is NOW!, that is this moment, it is the only time we have to live in! Five seconds before NOW, is already History, and tomorrow in not Here Yet, and it may never be, if, say the Sun suddenly decides it does not want to Shine for us any-more! Then we will only have Star-light, and of course, It will get Really Cold, Really FAST!…..I think it is a Good Idea, to every once in awhile, to Thank that Sun for shinning for us, for Gifting us Heat & Light! ~~~~~Entirely too many Human Beings, have succumbed to the Siren Song of Greed, and his Partner, Lust for Power, blinded by the need of More, forever More! And they must lure in Consumer’s to keep the Greed Ball rolling along……”Shop till You Drop”, who cares if you run up^ $20,000.00 on the good old Credit Card? You will have to just work it off, and thus is found a Debt, Wage, Slave! ~~~~~I have gotten myself down to be able to live on $300.00 a month, and you know what? I am a Happy, Happy Man! I owe nobody, nothing! I am a deaf old guy now, yet I can still hear Musical Vibrations, they give me solace in there troubled times……The Great Spirit has had my back for 74 years, now, and I have slowly learned to just have FAITH, that the Creator of this Universe knows what it is doing….. ~~~~~Humans can be so Stupid at times, forgetting on which side of Nature their bread is buttered…..The best food comes from Organic Soil, all the worthless crap food comes from Factory Farms. Just try to imagine the life of a pig on a factory farm, it will make you sick! And do not even begin to try and imagine the life of a broiler chicken, in a building with 10,000 other chickens, unable to see the out-side world, unable to barely move, just designed to sit and Eat……I raised herds of goats, sheep, all kinds of birds, and every-one had a name, a personality! My animals understood English Perfectly. How do I know this for a fact? When I first started out I knew nothing, I would go out-side, and chase goats to come and get milked, how stupid of me!, What of waste of time and energy, so one day I just stepped out-side, and said OK! If you gals do not come in to milk, I am not Feeding any-body today; And Bingo! They were lined up^ ready to be milked! Goat’s also have a wonderful sense of Humor; I would go in the herd to check everybody out and a couple of young kids would play a game, called, lets get the old man to fall over, A kid would come up^ in front of me and jump on me, while another one would stand right behind me, I would step back, and be tripped over backwards! I could hear the whole herd snickering! ~~~~~My old Great Dog “Tao” would know before I did, what I would do next, he anticipated my every move, I did not ever have to “Train Him”, God, I miss that dog, he lived to the ripe old age of 16 + years, one of the best Friends a man could ever ask to share his Life with! But I digress here, Cutting off the News Feeds, has been Really Good for Me! Try it!

7 thoughts on “NEW’S—–GOODBYE!

  1. You are the most unique blogger I have ever read possibly. Please forgive me if my comments are unsolicited. I liked several ideas in your post. I think organization into separate paragraphs makes sense for transitions for the reader’s benefit.
    The first idea about the news, and I understand that news is repetitive, how many really unique things happen in a year? I also can see how using the time for other uses is beneficial, especially as I like to read and am a dedicated supporter of my local library also.
    Then you split off to share some wonder memories about raising animals and their intelligence and humor. I think I enjoyed that telling the best of all.
    At the end you returned to the original beginning theme. I actually this could have been two posts following separate themes.


    1. Well, Thank You Sir, Your answer was well writ! My mind wanders from pole to pole, North to South and back again……Tear Gas & Water Cannons against Protesters! What is that but the Lust for Power & the desire to maintain it? Why would people gather on the streets unless they had a legal beef? I find that in the rare case I am unwelcome I just put on my Walking Shoes, and I set out to Walking, I shed the dust from my clothes, and set out on a new adventure…..Yes, Sir, my mind wanders hither and through, there is no telling where it will wind up^….


      1. We are all Gods children I have been so informed. News is cash cow for all that profit from broadcast. We have many cases of editors making up stories when no mews is available. Church is profit made for invested Gods but in truth a big business who can rule the mind and control. Man is corrupt a sinner who will not repent as no god exists he says. The church battles on 2300 years in harness. why ! because cant loose money can they. My verdict at least on life as it is a grabbing place for all thieves to dwell. God exists ,he told me so as I would not stop asking for proof he silenced me with more proof than ever I need and not maybe but full on himself. i have no need to lie,nor am I the chosen one but I am happy now at 70 to know I will life for ever and the weight of my chains will fall off as I adore him and will only try to serve him for rest of life here.


  2. Boy! that is an idiot, he thinks he can just put on his walking shoes, and escape his fate! In the end this Universe will disintegrate into the nothingness it arose from……The Gold will sit in the Vaults, awaiting another idiot to give it Value beyond it’s measure…….


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