If I could just try to write a POEM here, now;

I would start it out with Gratitude; Gratitude for being given this wonderful gift of LIFE, here/now on this Blessed Earth. For being gifted with the impulse of stepping out-side my door, for watching that last Golden Leaf sail gently down, down, down, back into the ground from which it arose, to spend the last thirty years or so, watching my neighbors Tree Grow and Grow, into a magnificent Being, to watch it Dancing, Dancing, Dancing, in the Wind, because I took out a few moments of my life just to watch it wave it’s long armed limbs, and soon enough, I was waving my arms, and just dancing along with it! ~~~~~Just to be able to watch, and experience our Great Spirit Arise and Gift Us with Light, and heat, and the warmth of it’s Great Love……And then fall into that Western Sea, and Gift Us again with all of those Stars at nightfall……And then, rise again in the Eastern Sky, and Gift Us with another Day of Life! Such a Great Gift, I was so Blessed to Receive…..I even dared to think, I could end War,and Poverty, all by myself, that I could put an end to selfish Greed, that I could have my people dancing in the streets, along with that Wind, that I could play my many tongued drums for them, that I could just stand there with my Magic Wands, and wave them into a Song of Peace and Harmony…… ~~~~~I will never, ever give up^ on this dream; I will step out-side again today, and Bow before the Sun comes Up^ to Gift Us another Day of Life. ~~~~~This, This,This; is my dream world; this is why I play upon my drums, for YOU Today……A Never – Ending POEM……

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