I only now just awoke;

I dreamed that all of WAR’s innocent victims awoke from their rest and demanded “Justice”; That all of the Evil Fucks of this world were laid to rest in the Hell they created out of Heaven on Earth. I even dreamed of a Future for MY CHILDREN, where “All, All, All, were Created as EQUAL’S….Where the MINES are Gone, just disappeared into the nothingness they so RICHLY DESERVE; and All of MY Forest’s were RE-CREATED, for my Children to LIVE in and ENJOY…… ~~~~~A place where an old man could just play, play, play on his Drums, and never have to worry about BOMBS falling, falling, falling on his Home, Where some Evil Fuck decides that in order to RULE his country, He has to BOMB IT into Rubble (ASSAD are YOU listening?) Mr. PUTIN, I am coming for YOU, My name is “JUSTICE” for using Syria as a testing ground for your NEW WEAPONS OF WAR……If my words here are to have meaning, I have to give them STRENGTH! ~~~~~From my little old man’s cave I am reaching out with the LONG ARM of JUSTICE. You Evil fucks will die at a ripe old age, but there is NO HEAVEN for you to enter, the doors are closed, ENTRY PROHIBITED, So go instead into the very Hell YOU CREATED! ~~~~~I thought about “Forgiveness” yet even today, the innocent man is thrown into PRISON and TORTURED, just because He demanded JUSTICE, for the INNOCENT! ~~~~~The WAY into the LIGHT seems long, yet who has acknowledged that the Sun continues to SHINE on US? ~~~~~Strong words, my old friend, but can you make it Happen? ~~~~~If, first I must Perfect myself, I will find a way to do it…..I will find the WAY to shift the balance between HEAVEN and EARTH, A tiny little old man, living in his cave, Here on EARTH……

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