Strange World We Live In;

When I was a little kid, growing up^ in Chicago, Ill. We were “Poor White Trash, we lived in a White Ghetto, yet when I looked across the street at the Black Peoples school, I felt Lucky, because all they had was a paved lot, filled with broken glass, while we had, green grass and some flowers to play upon……I made friends with a little black kid, and he invited me into his home, we had to ride in an elevator up^30 floors, the elevator had shit in the corners, because the toilets did not function in their so-called apartments. I have since learned to call them Cells, for Black People…… ~~~~~Why do we treat each other this way? Maybe because we can get away with it? ~~~~~The Black People are still trapped in Ghetto’s as far as I can see, their schools are Rat-Traps, they have little or no opportunities for betterment; Could it be just because I am Black? A stupid qualification, Black People can think, and some-times think a whole lot better that the old white folks can think! ~~~~~Think about how the “Black People” can Sing the Blues……Lord knows, they have had their share of them! As for myself, I have learned, through hard experience, to just accept and love every Man, Woman, and Child, as if he/she was my long, lost Brother……If one cares enough to shake my hand, or better still, to gift me with a Big Hug we are Brothers! Just treat All Men as Brother’s, and every-thing will be OK! ~~~~~All I have to SAY Here!

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