Wasting Precious Time

I was just over on the “Medium” site, spilling out my thought’s like water over a water-falls, just burbling away; and here I am on Word-Press.com trying to think of something Deep to say, when my drums sit idle, waiting for the Pow-Wow, waiting for some brave warrior to come and play them…..And hit the right Notes; weather it be a one-tongued drum, or an eight or twelve tongued drum, I would like to graduate to an Eighteen Tongue, maybe someday it will happen, if I live long enough…… ~~~~~Some-times little devils come to try to torment me, but I just shine them on, for daylight is a true Blessing. That the Great Spirit thought to Sacrifice it’s self once again for US. Did you walk out-side your door this evening, and thank the Sun for shinning? Did you think to Thank It for another day of life, lived on this Planet, called; ‘Earth’? ~~~~~I am thinking here of all the little Blessings that come along with “Life on Earth”, like air to breath, like; Sunshine, freely given, greatly appreciated, When I step outside at night, I thank the moon, for that night-light, I thank the stars for shinning, and promising a future, because they are so far away, yet we can view their light, here/now! ~~~~~It is so sad, that Word Press does not Print it out, Exactly like I wrote it, my periods and commas get thrown astray, my sentences, my paragraph’s mis-aligned, oh! well, we do the best we can to get our message out……

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