The Creative SPIRIT, inside of me;

I do not know if I have still got it; I guess, Time will tell the story…..I am pretty Drunk, and I am fixing to roll myself a joint of Gorilla Pot, and smoke it all up, and maybe play for awhile on my many tongued drums; and reach myself out into the world, and try, as I may to save this day, to create a Future for all of my many children, for all the people of this Earth are my children, at least, that is how I think about it…..What do you Think my friends? I am curious about YOUR Thoughts, I am interested to HEAR Them….. ~~~~~You know, like open up a dialog here, and now~~~~~I find myself in an interesting position, just trying to make these words come out spelled Perfectly, like from some kind of old dictionary, did I spell that right? Thank you God’s of this internet for Spell-Check, with-out You, where would I be right NOW? They immediately throw these red lines under my mis-spelt words, did you see that, I have to go back in time to correct that, but I say; Fuck it, it is not worth my precious time on here….. ~~~~~I do not know how to make a Paragraph here, so instead I made up my own design to indicate a Paragraph~~~~~I wrote a letter to my local newspaper, and the Editor came back at me and said, “Hey Brother, do you not know what a Paragraph is?” So, if I wanted my letter published in his paper, I had better learn how to separate my thoughts into “Paragraphs” so here they are, a process of learning how to write an interesting letter, how to invite me brothers and sisters in to share some discourse…… ~~~~~Like, here is a brand New Paragraph, my thoughts have taken off into a new direction, there is no telling where they might go, or where they might wind -up. For I am just an OLD MAN playing along to music on these type-writer Keys…..This is my music, the songs I sing when I play my many-tongued drums… ~~~~~Do not surrender to that evil mistress called: GREED, Spend your Good Fortune on those less fortunate than Your-self, You cannot lose, for Earth notices this, like She keeps tabs, And while you may have Yachts, and secluded Harbors, Earth will come and sink your ship, if you do not care enough to share Your Good Fortune, You will die of old age, with all that Money left behind, for You cannot take it with you on your new journey…..And the many thieves sitting out there will just Steal it all, and put it to NO GOOD USE at all….. ~~~~~Better, I think, to have fed the hungry, and clothed the poor, and built homes for the many homeless people out there, hidden in the cloak of invisibility, from the Rich who have been trained from child-hood to just sit back and ignore the poverty….. ~~~~~I did not sit back, I donated $10,000.00 dollars to MSF because I liked the way they cared for the poor and less fortunate than myself, How they set up tents in poverty stricken areas, and cared for those people affected by drought, and stupid wars, they treated the warriors and the victims as if they were equals, these are MY kind of people. I will send them my last dollar I have on Earth. That is my riches, magnified 10,000 times. Try it my Rich Friends, you will find your fortune magnified, because Mother Earth does in fact Listen In……Where is the Profit in going to one’s grave Rich?

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