Jerry Garcia, on His Guitar;

So, I bought myself One new tongue drum , and I set myself out to play them, to share these wonderful drums with my neighbors, I asked Jerry Garcia to play along beside me, so I could learn about the wonderful guitar, he played so faith-fully for all these many years……I asked Him, I asked Him, how did you learn to play that music, like that, and He said to me; I just learned to Lay back, and play forever into beauty full Music. I would pluck-out a note, and just sit back and listen for it to be Amplified, boy, what a strange note, I just plucked out there, it like floats out there in the mind pool for-ever…… ~~~~~I played out-side for hours today, and nary a car went by, no-body stopped to listen in, I was like, Has the Rapture Happened Man? Have all those Saint’s at last died and gone to their Heaven? And left me all alone, at last, I said to Jerry, at long last we are here alone Together, and that is the way you learn how to Play! Just Play Along with me man, I know the way, the road to Heaven, it’s just a short drive away, when I die man, I just want to be one of a zillion Stars in Heaven, and try to tempt people into believing in me, so they will deign to live on this wonderful Planet, I created for them….. ~~~~~I just came to hear the music, Man, because that is what life is for, to create beauty Full Music, to make up an Orchestra, and all play, together as ONE BEING!, ~~~~~ So, I took my old and New Drums out-side and played on them for hours, hoping, (because I had bought extra sticks) From Mr. Eddie Wood, that some-one would stop by and Play with me, But it was like this whole planet was emptied out of People, Not a single Soul, drove by me, not a single neighbor, stopped in to add their instruments to my song. So, fuck it man; I just played on alone as usual…..One has to learn to Love the Music, before they will be tempted to stop and play along….. ~~~~~Maybe, just maybe, all the Saints have died, and gone to their reward, and left me all alone here in my Glory Hole, just to play what-ever I wanted to play. It was like God in Her/His own heaven, I could create anything, so the first, the very first thing I did was to Create Music, for my little humans to follow along with, to Tap their feet too and be as One on the cloud of my Love, can you all just imagine this all happening? I felt this burst of Sun’s Shine on my back, because I got a little chilly, playing out-side there, It just warmed me all up, that Sun Shine on my back, It felt so good, I just played harder to make the music flow, Yesterday, I spoke in Eight Tongues, Today I cast aside the old tongues, and learned how to speak in twelve tongues, and I played along with my old friends, some of them, long dead, for sure, but “Man” they said, the Music Last’s for-ever:::::First,we invented wax recorders, determined to save that Great Music, and then we got Record Making Company’s who found they could make a Profit, from saving old, dead music, music already played once around, people Love old music, they like to listen to those great old songs, they never die, today I can call up Jerry Garcia, from His Grave, and make Him Play along with me, if this is not Magic, I do not know what Magic is…..I just called up this Old Man from His peaceful Grave, and made Him Play along with me…..~~~~~Thank You Jerry Garcia, for leaving your grave and deigning to come and play with me today, it is a lonelier world without you, Brother…..

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