Maybe, Maybe, Just Maybe,

I will just take the gloves off and go to sleep, and Dream a Thousand Dreams, or more, dreams are cheap, you do not have to send them a check in the mail; they just come when you lay your head down upon the Pillow. I am a lucky man, I ordered this mattress cover from a little Shop, down in L.A…..Turns out is was a Great Blanket, Made of the finest wool, so I will never freeze to death, and then I found out they also sold a Wool Pillow, so my brain goes to sleep, and I dream these wonderful dreams. Like I died, and went to Heaven, and MY Children had a future waiting there for them there…..~~~~~This place was great my friends, No more weapons, no more “Forever Wars” …..Just Peace all across the many lands, and now we are free to travel, free to roam this beauty-full galaxy, to meet our neighbors. No small-pox blankets included in the fare……To sleep, perchance to dream…..

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