One Tiny Flame;

That is all it takes to set this world on FIRE……Just to remind some folks that the ideas that the man called Jesus spoke, and spoke plainly, Love Your Neighbor as YOURSELF. If you do not know who YOURSELF is, perhaps you should take a moment to find out…..It is worth a look perhaps, to truly see one’s self as one is……Wow! Where did all this hate and violence come from? This is not what I want to see in my head man, oh, man, what’s wrong with me? Where does all this crap come from? ~~~~~It comes from ignorance, and ignorance comes from the Brainwashing we all receive as innocent children. What kind of History were you taught, my child? It was all about the white man, who bravely fought off those savages, who were determined to defend their right to the land that the white man wanted for himself……The white man who sold black men for slaves so he could make a decent profit for himself…….If you can learn how to walk on the backs of other men you can make yourself RICH…..Promise them a job and some wages, maybe even enough to feel free to step into debt, and then you own them, forever slave wage labor. Is this a great place to live or what? ~~~~~Let us now speak of fish and fishermen (Another Life Lesson to Learn), Tell me, dear one, how did the great Salmon Tribe survive those millions of years of life, before the white man arrived to “Manage” those fisheries, (For the Most Profit). A man decides that he want’s to be a Fisherman, so he goes to visit his local bank to borrow money to buy that fishing license, then he goes and borrows even more money to buy that fishing boat, so now he has to work and catch fish to pay back those Loans, he is forever hooked……He soon comes to believe that he owns all those fish in the ocean, because he is now a Fisherman…..An aside: I once asked 4 commercial fishermen this question; ” If there were only a few salmon left to run up that river, would you still catch them?” All four answered; “Sure man, if I don’t get them someone else will.” And that is why the seafood menu will soon read; “JellyFish” ~~~~~Honest, truthful people hold this world UP, for if it was left to greed it would be quickly all used UP! Think about all those Gold Bars, sitting in their vaults, while half this world is starving from lack of food. it is not because we know that food costs money, it is because we already have almost ALL the MONEY. Please buy, buy ,buy, this joyous season, savings in the bank are a weight on the economy. Please run up those wonderful credit cards, what a gift to the owners, forever interest payments of 19-29 % What a DEAL! ~~~~~So here’s the deal, it is really easy, one has to realize just how much one needs to exist on this Earth…..Go on a diet, one small meal a day will still enable you to do everything you have planned to do~~~~~At 60 years of age I went to one meal a day, mostly soup, today, at 75 I chop wood, haul water, shovel snow, and cook my own meals. What really keeps me alive is the “Dance Of Life” ~~~~~I believe in Ms. Greta Thunberg, and all her millions of followers, all children, praying for a future Earth, even better than the one we inherited. Let Us Gift it to Them!

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