Why is it that we human beings, who are at best temporary guests on this planet Earth, so intent on destroying the only home we have to live on? Why are we always waging WAR instead of waging Peace? Why do we continue to fish out our oceans, until the last fish is caught in the nets? Why is it that one man can be worth $160 Billion dollars, while millions of people do not know where their next meal is going to come from? Why are the bottom trawlers throwing away dead the bycatch of Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Crabs, when our food pantries are crying for Protein? And they are fishing for Pollack, which is made into tasteless fish sticks for our school children to eat, which they discard into wastebaskets and wind up in the dumps…..Is this the height of stupidity or what? Why do we continue to elect the same-old-same old, ancient politicians, who, why they decry the wasteful government, continue to collect their fat paychecks all the while denying relief to the people who elected them to serve the people? Why do they cry Fraud! Deceit! Scam! when they lose an election, yet praise to the high heavens the same system when they happen to win? Why are we continuing to build up-dated Nuclear bombs and missiles which if used would end this world as we know it? Why do we glorify athletes, some musicians, and politicians, and not the everyday working Joe, who makes it all possible? Where would you find produce in the store if some working Joe decided he would not harvest it anymore? Why do people insist on buying their crap online, when their local business stores are right there in front of them? Don’t they realize that soon enough the only choice to shop will be “Amazon Prime” This will be a sad day indeed. What happens if this wonderful internet thing is hacked and shut down? Where will you shop then? Think about these things…..

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