There is no shortage of food to feed the hungry, what there is a shortage of is the MONEY to purchase this food. Why is there a shortage of MONEY? Because in this world MONEY makes you a KING, and being a KING one must have ALL the MONEY. For example one man has for himself earned and kept $160,000,000,000.00. If this man should die he will learn this: “To die rich is to have lived in vain.” J. Krishnamurti….. This same man could donate $1,000,000.00 to every Food Pantry in this world and it would not even make a tiny blip in his fortune since he is earning at present $35,000.00 a second….. Yet, alas, he must keep it all for himself in order to be recognized as “The Richest Man in the World.” Greed is like this Covid 19 disease, it infects people, once infected with this disease, there is no cure….~~~~~Take Gold: There is about 30,000 tons of Gold in this world, China alone owns 383.2 tons of it, the USA has 200.2 tons. Where is all this Gold? It is stashed away deep underground in massive steel lined vaults, hoarded for God knows what, as it will still be sitting there where neither moss nor rust corrupts it, long after humans have departed this planet…..Of what use is this inert metal? Well it makes pretty bangles to wear, it is used in tiny amounts for electrical contacts, unfortunately it cannot be eaten, it cannot be burned to heat our homes, on a cold day which is worth more, a pound of Gold or a pound of Coal? It could be used to purchase Food to feed the starving people on this Earth, but this will never happen as it must be hoarded to make the rich man ever richer….How Sad! How much is a human life worth? In some parts of this Planet Human Beings are still being sold into slavery. Many humans are presently “Wage-Slaves” they must earn money to feed their bellies, if they do not earn Money, food will not be forthcoming, therefore they must starve or work for wages which will just barley earn them enough to buy the food they need to live…….Perhaps we need to stop and think what is wrong with this present system of consumerism, The present system needs consumer’s to keep the money ball rolling along, therefore we cannot allow women to control their own bodies, because if they do not produce babies to grow up into consumers,the system of money will collapse. What we need to be a better world is to live by way of Service, rather than by way of Slavery. By way of Service we can build the “House of Mankind” emphasis on “Kind”……Well, this old man is tired, I hope I have said something useful this time, take it for what it is worth…….

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