IGIFU: (Hunger, Rwandan Tutsis);

I just heard on the news today that the Food Pantry lines are many hundreds of hungry people long, longer than they have ever been. Why is this? In the richest country on Earth 40 + million people are living in poverty. People all over this planet are going to bed Hungry, yet a few men have fortunes worth 160 Billion dollars, 95 Billion dollars, why, pray tell, are they hoarding all this $$$ for themselves? I hear farmers are tossing their crops in the garbage, the dairy farms are pouring their their milk in the ditch. Shame, Shame, Shame on us……… ~~~~~Just think Mr. Bezos, Mr. Gates, and all those other Billionaires, if you were each to donate one measly million bucks to every food pantry in this world, why you would not even miss it, that is pocket change for you, you would have it back in one day from the profits on your many investments…..What is the hold-up here? Whatever happened to Empathy and Compassion? ~~~~~I, myself, live on $870 a month Social Security, yet I am able to donate $200. to my local food pantry, and I just started donating another $100. to another food pantry, yet I live just fine, I have more than I need so I Share It Out…….And you know what, here comes one of my wonderful neighbors with a hot home-cooked meal for me……If I was gifted with the riches you guys have, I could not gift it away fast enough, because when I die the entry fee to Heaven is .10 cents…..I am storing my treasure away there, because, sure as we have life, death will come for us…..Try hauling 160 Billion bucks in your coffin into Heaven, good luck with that…..Or maybe you could load it all on one of your rocket ships and transport it to Mars, Oh, sorry, no banks on Mars yet….. ~~~~~Listen, rich men, you will not sleep well anymore as long as there is hungry people on this Earth, there is No Excuse for this, I personally am holding you accountable, remember how you got so rich, it was the “Little People” slaving away for you, you did not do it by yourselves, please remember that…….

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