Out with the Past;

Did anyone miss me on here? I only write when I feel I have something to SAY, and now I have a little History to remember me by………….. Remember, I am an old guy (75) so my lady passed away last November, well yesterday, some friends of mine and hers gathered together and held a ceremony to put her ashes in the ground, everyone brought Flowers, it was the right time; Autumn Solstice day…..To celebrate I burned down a 50 + year old barn, where we raised up 100’s of goats and sheep……It was a wonderful fire, my neighbors came and sat in lawn chairs to watch……Now I hired a giant excavator and truck to make a new pile of old junk I no longer have any use for, so first snowfall, another Big Fire! Is this fun or what? In the meantime I dug around my house foundation to repair the failing posts, I had to buy 4 20 ton jacks to lift up this old log house. I am using 7 foot I beams I got for free when the highway crew replaced the crash barrier about five miles from me……Recycle now! Where I live is a palace of MAGIC, for MAGIC happens all around me, tonight was a great night to look at the sky, I saw a giant beam of light put out by Jupiter, what a fine show it is to view, all it takes is waiting for dark and stepping outside, + no light pollution at my old house……Well, if anyone is interested in this story I will write some more. Never a Dull Moment Here……..

5 thoughts on “Out with the Past;

  1. George! I missed you! I wondered if you’d finished that foundation project. Now, I know. If it weren’t for the fact of these bloody wildfires, your bonfire celebration of your lady’s life sounds like big fun.

    Even though I live in the city, I have the most wondrous view of the southern night sky. I step out most nights to enjoy the moon in her phases. Jupiter and, I think, Venus are dancing across my skies just now.

    Glad to see you!


  2. I most certainly missed your posts!!!. So good to hear your adventures. I am sorry for your loss. May you continue in grace to enjoy the magic around you.. that is the portal of life. Blessings to you. Look forward to whatever you feel led to pen – always an informative and enjoyable read. Much peace to you. Cheers


  3. I missed you!!! Matter of fact I came looking for you but did not see anything new, so I waited and waited, like a child waiting for their parent to pick them up, but you never came🙄🙄
    But I am so happy to see you here.
    Sorry about your wife… let the magic encircle and comfort you.
    We love you here! Don’t stay away too long, you make me worry!


    1. Hello Gifted 50, how nice to hear that my Texas Nurse was thinking of this old man in Alaska…..Lots happening in my home area, I had to hire a giant excavator and a big truck to clean up thirty years of accumulation, along with repairing the foundation of my house…..I had a big fire a month ago in which I burned down our fifty year old barn, now I have a new pile 30 feet high to burn when the first snow flies, then my property will be all cleaned up^……It always amazes me how Magic works in this world if one just allows it to happen naturally……I hope you are well my friend, you know I worry about you and all the health workers, A Blessing on you All…..For a 75 year old Guy I ain’t doing to bad, still functioning and God Bless, my brain is still Working just fine…..Maybe I will see 80 years? Stay in touch, my friend, and Love Life everyday we are gifted with it……..Old George

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  4. So so good to hear from you. I know you will make 80yrs. You have that good clean air, food and environment up there.
    Would love to see some pictures of your corner of the world.
    Stay well my friend!


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