The Visit;

So, our little reptile brained, pumpkin headed ‘Great Leader’ is headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a visit, and Lo and Behold we must call out the National Guard to Protect Him. To protect him from what, exactly? Just because he called on the U. S. Army to get out there and kill all those Black People peacefully protesting the injustice they are subject to in everyday life? Is this not the same city that years ago murdered most of their black citizens for daring to be normal everyday business people? In my opinion a ‘Great Leader’ has no one to fear, because he is an honest man and need fear no-one, thus when he walks among his people he is welcomed. This man is not that, this man loves prejudice, this man lives on being able to instill Fear among the people, fear of the “Other”, I would not hire this man to shovel out my pig-pen, my pigs are better than that. ~~~~~All we have to defend ourselves is the VOTE, I would say, do not sit home thinking your vote makes no difference, Sure all the choice we have now is the lesser of two evils, but why is that? Whatever happened to the principled leader, the man who spoke truth to power, why he was shouted down by the voices of unreasoning, power seeking idiots, and thus the people get the government they deserve. “Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American People.”: H.L. Mencken I would like to think we are better than this, please do not disappoint me…….

5 thoughts on “The Visit;

  1. My friend!!! I am happy to see you here, you had me worried there a bit. Of course you always speak the truth boldly!! The current mess is so distressing and disheartening and has been continuing unabated even amidst all the protest and cries. Trump of course being the Divider-in-chief seems to understand why he needs to be fearful … he is without a soul.


  2. Hello Gifted50! I am pleased to hear from you, you are like an old friend now. I am pleased to have three Soul Sisters to communicate with, distressed is one of my favorites, what beautiful women you are…..I hope you are staying safe as it seems this virus is just getting started again, so many of my old friends are departed, and loneliness is my way of life now, thanks to you I am not alone, being deaf this is my only means of communication and I value your friendship. Please stay safe! By the way I am sorely disappointed in my fellow Americans for electing that “People who are not Rich” hating all others small-brained Oligarch to be our so-called “Leader” who just recently threw a $1,200. sop to the “Little People” while handing out billions of bucks to his already billionaire buddies. When will we wake up? I for one need no leader, as I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself, and as I treat all people as Equals I have no enemies, my friends are always dropping off food, soup, meals, and just today some beautiful sweet rolls, and they take the time to check in on me and care that I am still alive. I am a blessed man to have such good friends. This is real life, where we care for each other, wanting nothing, giving everything freely without a hand-out for payment…..God Bless those good people and YOU!


  3. I am so sorry that are so alone now. This corona evil is just growing and growing… Texas seems determined to go in the direction of NY, of course many many persons refuse to take the standard precautions and that does not help matters at all.
    It is a good thing that you have friends and neighbors that ensure you are ok, that speaks loudly of your character.
    May God / Mother Earth help us all for we are in dire need of some redemption.
    Stay well, my friend. I worry when I don’t hear from you. The isolation is getting to us all, even with me going to work still, on the days I am off I am unsure of what to do with myself. I thank God for the WordPress community as it has been a source of strength for me.
    Peace and blessings. Stay safe. Lots of love!!!!


    1. Hello Gifted50, Nice to hear from you, and thanks much for the concern, as old as I am I wake up every day and am amazed and grateful to enjoy another day of life on Earth. For all the human caused problems, this is still our only home available for humans. I hope we humans will learn to live with Nature, rather than treat her like a slave to be exploited for profit and greed…..As for not knowing what to do with yourself when you are at home, I am perfectly content to read good books, magazines and of course word press and medium, my online writers are fun to interact with, and they are all nice polite people……Keep your spirits up^, and give your family lots of Love & Hugs, your Alaskaman friend….. ________________________________

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