Staying busy, Old Man Working;

An old (75 years) man decided to look under his old log house one day, pulled off the windbreak, and Lo and Behold, every post holding up the house has turned Rotten! It is a miracle the house has not just collapsed, although this winter a post in one room pushed up right through the floor. So now this old fart is digging and crawling under the house and looking for material to repair those failing posts. I was at the dump the other day and found some 6 foot I-Beams, discarded by the highway dept. so I grabbed them to put in place of the posts, although at my age I can barely lift them up OH! I wish I was eighteen again, George Burns……Thank you Mr. Covid 19 for not being able to hire some helpers…..Well, it is something to do in this time of loneliness……The air sure seems cleaner without all those billions of cars & airplanes running 24/7, so I count that as a blessing…..People, I think, are learning just how little they can learn to live just fine with. I heard the news crying about the lack of Consumers out there running up their little credit cards, Oh! Boo-Hoo, people are actually paying off those darn credit cards. I, for one, hope that things never ever go back to the so-called normal, which is actually the most abnormal way to live I ever heard of, Never ending, endless Consumption. ~~~~~Digression: How to end homelessness, poverty, and most crime: STOP HAVING BABIES! ~~~~~On that note it is past my bedtime, Stay well, and maybe learn how to sing songs or play an instrument…..

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