Positives & Negatives;

First I hope and pray that all of the writers and readers on Word Press and elsewhere are well and Healthy! Many, many of our fellow humans are dying horrible deaths, and they must die all alone, with no loved ones even allowed to hold their hands as they pass out of this world, how sad. (Negative) Our Health Care Hero’s are strained to the breaking point, all of them so brave in the face of their own getting sick by contact, we are losing some very valuable people here, perhaps more of us need to take up nursing & Medical School, all hands on deck, so to speak….(Negative) ~~~~~So, the World Wide Greed Machine is on at least partial hold, the Corporations begging for more Taxpayer Bailouts, just like in 2008, and of course our Billionaire ‘Great Leader’ is all for it, just run up that National Debt Clock, we are not going to have to pay it, our children will have to pay it……Well our breathable air is a little bit more breathable without all those millions of cars parked, those Kerosene spewing Jets sitting idle, those cruise ships docked, this is I think a Positive thing….. ~~~~~Here we are sitting at home, so what are we doing with all that vacation time? Are we sitting there worried to death about where that next dollar is going to come from? The smart folks are snuggled up with a good book, a cup of tea or coffee, or drink and time on their hands, T.V. turned off….I myself am lucky I went to all those Library book sales, I have over a thousand books to chose from…..I would say learn how to appreciate this break in the everyday Rat Race, learn how nice it is to just sit back and relax for as long as it takes, someday, I am sure it will be back to Business as Usual, until then be adaptable, and above all Love One Another! (Positive) ~~~~~Stay well, my friends!

7 thoughts on “Positives & Negatives;

  1. Great points,
    I agree there should be a limit to bailouts.. feeding the hungry, and helping people get back to work..
    I also agree with your sentiments.. love one another and relax !


  2. Hello Gifted50, I have been taking a break from Word Press, as I did not feel I had anything meaningful to say to readers, been thinking a lot about our little planet and how to make it well for our children to inherit…..I bet you are busy as a bee in your nursing job? I guess Texas is having hot days, while here in Alaska 60 degrees is a Hot Day, T Shirt weather + 18 hours and 15 minutes of Sunshine. It is a lot of fun watching the Sun set in a different place every evening, June 20th is the Solstice, and the sun starts to head back South for the winter. Hope this note finds you and your family and friends all well and healthy, Your Alaskan friend, George


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