Blessing or Curse?

Earth Day: April 22, 2020…..Will we humans finally begin to LISTEN when the World Speaks? We failed to listen when our children took to the streets to announce that our World was on Fire! So now Mother Earth has stepped in and basically shut the entire Planet down, the cars are parked, the airplanes are almost all parked, the price of Oil is in the Negative, yet the oil wells must keep pumping that oil, even though there is no place left to store it, will the Oil companies now begin to dump it in our oceans? The Milk farms are pouring their milk into the ditches, the farmers are plowing under their crops, (Even though people are suffering from food shortages) how stupid and selfish can we be? Will humans finally realize that we have Legs, not wheels, that bicycles are food powered, no gasoline required…..Are we just going to sit home staring at that idiot tube, hoping that something or someone will show us the way? Or will we take matters into our own hands and learn to live “The Simple Life” Do we really need to rip up the Earth for more Gold, when the vaults of the world are awash with it, hoarded for the Rich, who will discover that it cannot be eaten, will not provide fuel for transportation, and realize that it really is of no use what-so-ever….. ~~~~~How many of us are aware that this Planet Earth is a Living Being? Ask yourselves where all that we have, food, clothes, shelter comes from…..It all comes from this Living Earth, perhaps we could begin to show a little gratitude, by learning how to treat our living Home with Respect…… ~~~~~Think on these thoughts, this 50th. Earth Day……

5 thoughts on “Blessing or Curse?

  1. I just finished Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey published in 1968. Fifty years later he worried about is true as we continue onward. We think COVID-19 will impact our thinking of earth. I hate to be negative yet we have leadership that cares more of the economy than nature and too many citizens who support that thinking. Hope all is well there.


    1. Excellent Choice in Edward Abbey, wonderfully written piece of work…..I have another book for you to read “The Experience, A Celebration Of Being” by Sirio Esteve, Random House 1974, available at Abe’s used books for as little as .10 cents + 3.99 shipping…..This book opened my eyes years ago, and I have given away at least 40 copies of it, I wish it was required reading in 8th grade on up. People remain asleep, I am afraid, here is our so-called Government bailing out the Rich as usual, using the “People’s” money to do it, running UP, UP, UP, that national debt clock, which our children will have to pay + the Mega Billions in Interest, and not a peep out of the People in Protest, meanwhile Mr. BIG A Bezos has earned another 24 + billion bucks for his self during these hard times, but of course it is only hard times for the small people, and who cares about them? Keep Writing! George ________________________________


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