By Way Of Service;

What are we doing these days? Sitting alone of with our families, watching the stupid tube? Why are our neighbors condemned to die alone? Why the Fear? That little Virus either has your name on it or it does not have your name……Chalk it up to fate, my friends, and then get busy and get out there, volunteer at your local hospital, or if you cannot bring yourself to do that, send some money to your local food pantry, clean out your pantries, deliver it or call someone to do it for you……I would say that we either work together, or we will die alone, what is it to be? ~~~~~This is a wonderful time to reevaluate our lives, to free ourselves from the Corporate Greed Machine…….Think about how much you really need locked down in your houses, apartments, condo’s…..Food, Clothes, Shelter from that storm….. ~~~~~The World is speaking to us; control your populations, or I will do it for you…..A plague of Locusts, hundreds of tornado’s,hurricane’s, earthquakes, Pandemic’s, are you listening now? ~~~~~Here is Greed at work; Fisheries dumping overboard all of their millions of tons of “By-Catch”, Farmers dumping their cows milk into ditches, Farmers plow under their crops, “No Market” for it they say, and our food pantries run out of food, because these are hard times, and the lines for help are long…..What is wrong with this Picture? We have people with tens of Billions of dollars in their pockets, where are they? They are busy looking for ways to stuff another dollar into their port-folio, cannot be bothered with everyday, ordinary Reality…..Shame, Shame, Shame! ~~~~~Meanwhile, the so-called “Small People” are out there on the front lines, working their butts off, making sure this old world keeps on turning, you know, the Nurses, Doctors, Health Aides, Ambulance drivers, delivery men/women, grocery clerks, bus drivers, etc…..I call a Blessing on them All……Let us all get out side and Clap, Clap, Clap, and thank them all for their Sacrifice……Make Music, even if it is only banging a spoon on an old pot or pan, make a joyful Noise! With Love, from Alaskaman……

7 thoughts on “By Way Of Service;

  1. Thank you my friend. May the take away from all this be an awareness, kindness or at the very least a recognition that we ALL inhabit this world together and a “pandemic” can take any one or all of us out, no discrimination. I agree with you that if the virus has your name, then…if it’s not to be, it just wont be. Practice common sense but the choice is NOT ours.
    Stay well my dear, always you keep the g;glucose flowing in the brain as we ponder the mysteries of the universe, lol

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    1. So my Texas friend, are you having lots of cases of Covid 19 at the hospital you work at? I have not heard much about Texas on the news, but then I do not own a T.V., just PBS radio, and this machine………I think you told me you had two? children? How are they coping? Stay well my Friend! George, Alaska Man…. ________________________________

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      1. No Texas is not too bad off at all, we are not testing at my facility, so the few suspects, we re not in acute distress so we send to home to self quarantine.
        We are getting ready to slowly get back to business. So we shall see how that goes. That does scare me a bit one everyone is out and about .


      2. Gifted, thanks for the quick reply, you seem to be on top of things there. I guess we have to get that $ machine running again or the rich will find themselves less rich, and we can’t have that can we? What I worry about is those people who are carriers of that Virus, but are showing no symptoms, they can infect a lot of people pretty quickly……Well, hope for the best my friend…… ________________________________

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      3. That is is worry as well as per the experts that is the time when they are most infectious and with the return to normalcy… things will be scary indeed.


  2. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw all that yellow crooked neck squash plowed under because there was no one to pick ’em. Then, the dumping of the milk. Coulda made a whole lot of guvmint cheese with that. Remember all that stockpiled cheese that was delivered to the poor?

    Now, it is the matter of the meat. So many sick people processing something that is not immediately necessary for life. Wish we had as many people working on processing clean water for the nation, for the world.

    It distresses me that people are not holding the guvmint accountable for all this excess death and disruption. And people really have no idea of how to function in a pandemic. I have never heard of individual “rights” having priority over public health. We are all under threat from an invisible, lethal virus. Why is that such a difficult fact to latch onto?

    There is no normal that we are going to achieve for a long time. There are only 6 months to this likely rigged election. We have got to get rid of the current administration, congress, and any other body that does not serve the people.

    We all need to be coming with the pitchforks, masked and gloved.

    Be well, my friend. Ramadan Mubarak!


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