Enjoy the Big Break;

Isn’t it nice to not have to get in your cars, taxis, trucks, subways, and go into the daily grind, except of course the wonderful medical people, the grocery clerks, the truck drivers, etc…..I see the news is beginning to recognize how CLEAN the air is becoming……I understand that a lot of people (The Little People) are not doing all that well, my heart goes out to them, I just sent my last 10,000 bucks to my local food Pantry, cause I am an old guy who hardly needs anything to live on, and I want my children fed…..I would recommend that anyone who reads this to donate to their food pantry, or volunteer to go in and serve meals and food baskets, you will be storing your treasure up in Heaven, where it counts. ~~~~~I want to salute the wonderful Farmers who are toiling away to keep us all fed, three cheers for the Farmers! I want to salute all those folks who are taking time out to look in on their neighbors, who make a trip to the store for those who are unable to shop, who are sharing with each other to make life a little better, and also those who open their windows and share their music with us…… ~~~~~Blessing on all of YOU…….Alaska Man…..I have a beautiful, hours long Sun Set due to start and I am going to watch it, one of life’s great shows…..

2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Big Break;

  1. We are blessed in America to have food shelves and soup kitchens..
    Local farmers were forced to dump milk because of closures.. some farmers could not harvest their produce and were advised to row it under by big Agra.. There should be a network set up to avoid these situations.
    Local cheese makers could have used the milk.. volunteers could have gleaned the fields, while using safety measures.. We could feed so many without waste.


    1. Thank YOU for those Good Thoughts! Would it have been so hard to donate that unsold milk and other produce to the food banks? How ignorant we are, to waste when others are in dire need….Sometimes I am ashamed to be a human…..

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