COVID-19 Did It;

I hope all my fellow readers/writers are still in good health, Blessings on you ALL! Well, my G-mail has all disappeared into thin air, is anyone else experiencing this? ~~~~~Our “Great Leader’s” answer to all this turmoil is; “Let’s throw Trillions of Taxpayer bucks at the problem, that will make it all go away.” “Am I not the greatest, smartest, wisest president in world history?” ~~~~~Maybe the lone employee at Google got the Virus? Man these machines are sure a let-down to me, I am going to go back to Snail-Mail, at least the Post-Office still employs Live Human Beings, and anyway I sure enjoy receiving nice hand-written cards in the Mail….. ~~~~~Well the Greed Monster, Earth destroying Machine, has been brought to a screeching halt by a little tiny invisible Bug! The Masters of the Universe have had to watch their imaginary fortunes disappear into “Thin Air”, which, by the way, is sure a lot cleaner now that all those Air-planes are parked, the Cruise ships are without passengers, and the cars are parked in garages and the humans are packed into their Apartment/Prison Cells……now if Mother Nature can just come up with a few more of her defensive bugs, maybe we can get our over-population problem under control…… ~~~~~Those brave Children, marching in their millions failed to get the Powers that Be to listen to them and take action,”The World Is On Fire!” they cried, Ho Hum, Business as Usual…..So Mother Nature had to step in and make them pay attention……How is it that we have 7.8 Billion humans on a planet whose maximum carrying capacity is maybe 1 Billion? Well, the Corporations must have a steady supply of Cheap Slave Wage Labor, Cannon Fodder for the Armies, and above all:Consumers, consuming ever more, more, More! I hope all the people sitting at home now will take the time to re-assess their function in this world, and maybe realize that it is time to Clean Up This Mess we have made of our one and only Livable Planet, as the beautiful Oceans have become plastic waste dumps, the few fish that are left are inedible due to it, our lands are denuded of life, the birds and animals are disappearing faster and faster, yet we just merrily roll along, singing that “Good Consumer Song” ~~~~~Well, brothers & sisters, this old man is going to take a nap and worry about this No More…..Mother Nature is back in Charge!

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