The limits of Imagination;

Today I sent my young Coal Man to the Liquor store, to buy me up the supply of Ryan’s Irish Liquor, I gave this young man $300.00 of pocket money for Christmas, + $200.00 dollars to pay for the Booze, well, he ran short of paying for all the liquor, do you think he would of reached into his own pocket and contributed those few extra dollars, out of those $300.00 I gave him? Knowing full well, I would have reimbursed him? Never a thought to do that…..How sad & disappointing. I may be an old drunk, but I am not a STUPID old drunk……I am what is known as a “Functional Drunk”, which means I retain my cognitive abilities……Like up and alert at 6:50 AM on a Sun’s Day Morning……. ~~~~~Well, Merry Christmas to all, and a really Happy, PEACEFUL, New YEAR, what SAY, that for the Sake of our Children’s Future, we give UP^ War & Weapons? ~~~~~Retire those old men from their seats of power in the Senate and the House of Congress? What a New World this could Be! All it takes is a Common Will, to make it happen! We are so brainwashed & conditioned to believe that there is no “Other” way; just go “Along” with the program…..Like “Be Consumer’s” Run up^ that debt, that Credit Card enslavement…..SPEND & SHOP! Order your Toilet Paper from Amazon; delivered to your front door, & cheaper than at your Local Grocery Store; until we run them out of business, and then, and then, you will be forced to pay what-ever price we decide to charge, because there is no alternative…..A Wonderful “Amazon” World; with J. Bezos in charge…..

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