Let us Old Men write something New on Here;

I had an Old Man Dream, I dreamed I played on My Eight & Twelve Tongued Wooden drums, at first I played for Brother Fire, to keep me Warm on a Cold, Cold Night…. ~~~~~And then I learned to just play for ME, it became my Pleasure to hear myself play! ~~~~~I tried to figure out how to share the music on You-Tube, but it was too complicated for my little old brain to figure out, so I gave up^ on it; so the pleasure is all Mine! ~~~~~Maybe for this Christ-Mass I will learn how to play the “Little Drummer Boy” ~~~~~Now, talk of Impeachment, where is the replacement, that little dude with the Perma Grin, who dares not walk into a diner with a woman alone? ~~~~~I would say, “Watch what you ask for” People…… ~~~~~Just the other day the so-called “Christians” entered my Home; I threw them out on their ears, I do not need to hear that crap, thank God, I am deaf! ~~~~~Here is how I live my life: I keep my belief’s to myself; I keep my sexual preferences to Myself, it is nobody’s business but my own, therefore I do not have to enter a court of Law to assert my Right’s…..And I make sure that I mind my own business and no-one’s else’s…… Happy Holidays to ALL!

3 thoughts on “Let us Old Men write something New on Here;

    1. Hey Gifted Fifty, still hanging in there, but it is 0 degrees here, colder than a witches tit! The longest cold spell in years, my water is frozen, so I have to melt snow on my old wood stove, burning up almost a whole forest just to stay at 50 degrees, but us old Alaskans are tough old birds, trying to survive until Spring, which arrives here about June…..Hope you are having a good New Year! Old George! ________________________________

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