All About the $$$$$

Why is it always & Forever (In Saecula Saeculorum) about the Money to be made? ~~~~~What if I just write for the pure Joy of writing? ~~~~~How many Billions of Dollars follow one into the Tomb? ~~~~~We go out the way we came in, Naked, crying out for Milk from the tit….. ~~~~~Do our Memories of life lived, carry with us into that great beyond? ~~~~~Who has returned to tell us about that last Journey? Name One! ~~~~~Time marches on into Infinity, it knows no Behind, no Yesterday; ~~~~~Men write Books of History, of the past times only they remember; ~~~~~All to be taken with a grain of Salt, a preservative……Note that our Oceans are full of undrinkable water, and drought comes & goes as is it’s will to do…… ~~~~~The people of this Earth would be Wise to Listen, when this Earth Speaks to them! ~~~~~Oh! Build that home, that Dream Home, on water-front property, the Ocean will raise up; a wave & come & wash it away, as if it had never been there….. ~~~~~These are my words, & My words only, not meant to offend, only enlighten any readers of them…………

2 thoughts on “All About the $$$$$

    1. I really appreciate YOUR Sharing my writings, Together, we can make this a Paradise for our Children to Inherit, instead of a shit-hole waste dump…..It takes constant Attention, and a Lot of Love to make it Happen! I will work on it until my Old Heart quits beating….. ________________________________

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