Reader First, Then, and Only Then Can I call myself a Writer;

What is it that calls me to make “Comment’s”? It is YOUR Writing! ~~~~~Some of YOU write the most beautiful Poetry….. ~~~~~Some of YOU tell the best stories I have ever had the pleasure to read! ~~~~~And, yes, some of YOU have stories of Woe & Pain; and My Heart flows out to you all who suffer, I wish I could be there to hold Your Hands, and give you Solace, and reassure You that the Great Spirit is there for You, You just have to allow it into your Heart….. ~~~~~When I lost the Love & Best Friend I ever had, I descended into a Hell of my own making; Instead of Celebrating the Life we shared Together for so Long, I Mourned and just wanted to die beside Her….. ~~~~~Thank You, Great Spirit & My Good, Good Neighbor’s for setting me back on the Right Track! Or I would not be here; writing this note Now! ~~~~~It is all in Time, it is Time that Heals up^ Wounds, especially Wounds to the Soul. “This too, shall Pass” Said the wise man to his King………….

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