I Hope, I Hope, the People;

Who matter to me are reading these words I write:::::No BIG WORDS; I promise, No looking them UP^ in the dictionary; which are all big words are for…..I am talking to YOU; the People of this Earth…………… ~~~~~I am going to ask you now this question? ~~~~~Why do YOU keep giving the Rich More Riches by spending YOUR $$$$$ on basically JUNK you do not need to live your life? ~~~~~Remember this: Food, Clothe’s & Shelter from that Storm that is coming, as sure as I am sitting here on this lap-top computer a Big-Storm is on it’s way…… ~~~~~Hey! Little portion of this brain that is doing this writing, is it important? Besides the Portion of this little brain that makes me want to eat food to keep myself alive? My Neighbors deliver Soup to me in bowls of generosity, with-out that; I would not even be Here Writing This! ~~~~~My Neighbors express: Sympathy; Compassion; Sorrow, at my loss of my life-times companion…..They make me willing to toss another Log on that FIRE of LIFE……And I just did that!!!!!

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