OH! Baby; what do I do now?

I just bought New Sheets, Blankets, Mattress Cover, for our big old bed, where we slept together, arms around each other; and then YOU went and died and left me all alone…….~~~~~I sleep on the couch now, as our bedroom is too damn Lonely! ~~~~~I thought of Suicide, and then YOU appeared to me in a Dream…… ~~~~~You said; “Do not do this, for what I want you to do, YOU must live on, I want you to work on making this planet into a Paradise for our Children to Inherit!” ~~~~~So She gave me a Goal to work to achieve,and believe me, I am hard at work to do just that…..The only tool I have to work with is this old laptop computer, as I am deaf, cannot even hear the old phone ring………………………. ~~~~~So far I have found 300 + like minded folks, and now I want to find 30,000! ~~~~~Each one of us has many friends, so if we all reach out to each other eventually we will turn the war-ships into Rescue Ships, we will turn those bombs & missiles into scrap steel, which we will use to build housing for the homeless people! ~~~~~And all of those People suddenly unemployed? Well we will hire them to clean up^ the mess we have made of our one and only Home in this Galaxy. What a mess it is! ~~~~~The birds, the mammal’s the Fish in the seas almost all gone extinct, what a lonely planet to bequeath to our children! Shame! Shame! Shame! On us……………

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