And I Wish You All A Peaceful Christmas; Year 2019;

I would dare to ask why are Ships of War, still roaming our Seas? ~~~~~When the People of Earth desire only Peace & Harmony? ~~~~~Could it be because our so-called leaders desire Profit above all else? ~~~~~Where will that Profit go, when they meet their inevitable end? ~~~~~Gone to Graveyards, every-one……………… ~~~~~I fail to understand how a man who entered this world screaming for a Tit to suck on, and then got lucky and earned his-self a fortune, and then decides to keep it all for his-self, when he could have used that fortune to change this world into a Better Place for all to live in, instead sails on a 450 foot Yacht, flies around this world in a private plane, never deigns to look at poverty or ghettos, or the homeless people; and never thinks to ask: “Why is this?” Or how he made that fortune on the backs of wage-slave employees…… ~~~~~Or, maybe ask why we have such a huge Military/Industrial complex, that we waste $750 Billion dollars a year building bombs & missiles to only wreck havoc upon civilians…… ~~~~~Consider Dresden, Germany, or Tokyo, Japan, where we decided to Fire-bomb people, innocent civilians, who had no interest in War, into ashes, just because we could do it……Or testing out that new weapon, the atomic bomb, upon cities full of innocent humans just living out their daily lives, Oh what Glory to be had in that enterprise! ~~~~~Shame, Shame, Shame, on us so-called Humans Being……This is NOT the way to be accepted as a Citizen of this Universe, sorry, application DENIED……

3 thoughts on “And I Wish You All A Peaceful Christmas; Year 2019;

    1. da-AL, thank you for the invite, I am an old guy with limited computer knowledge, so my question is where do I put the link? How to do it? I am preparing my brain to write a missive for Christ-Mass on my Word-Press site, all assistance appreciated!

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