What a Wonderful World;

A Long, Dark Night Is Coming…….

And the Creator spoke; saying: “Let there be Light, and there was Light….. ~~~~~Just a thought here; how about instead of giving all the Rich People in this world, even more $$$$$, we instead decide to gift our $$$$$ to worthy causes in each others names? I know lots of worthy causes because every extra dollar I have goes to them…..~~~~~I.E.: Doctors Without Borders, is my favorite one, because they do Medicine the way it should be done, going into war zones, poverty zones, healing everyone, sending them out the door without a giant bill that will bankrupt them, treating every-one, friend or foe equally; I send them Blessings & Cash well spent…… ~~~~~How about YOUR LOCAL FOOD PANTRY? So that no-one shall have to go to bed hungry, just because they fell on Hard Times? Or your local Homeless Shelter? People dedicated to helping those less fortunate than your-selves? Or the Salvation Army? Or your local Hospice? Even as few as $10.00 goes a long ways, especially if 10,000 people do this, we could change this world into a much better place to live in…… ~~~~~Which is better to buy, a little, soon trashed toy, or a way to support those people fallen on hard times? I think a little Generous offer of a few bucks here and there sets a Great Example for our Children to live up^ to…..Instead of all that wasted wrapping paper! ~~~~~I work hard on this site to convince Human Beings that Sharing, rather than Greed is the Road to a Peaceful, Loving World to live in and Bequeath to our Children….. ~~~~~I had to shut down my news feeds, with their tales of wars & murders & mans in- humanity to man, it was just making me sick, and I want to be Well! ~~~~~So to sum up^, it is far better to give than to receive, you will have made some person’s life more worth living by your gift, than to make the ungenerous Rich even Richer, because they tend to keep all of those riches for them-selves, rather than learn the art of sharing……Done Here!

8 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World;

  1. Of course it would be so nice if we could get our collective heads out of our collective rears and just DO something, anything to get out of our own way. Thinking of others oughta be a way of life rather than a lifestyle we live at certain times of the consumer year.

    I usually have so little money, I can’t share. But this year, thanks to digital help, I was able to donate to Heifer International, DAV, PAV, a couple of my colleges, and then there’s all the knitted and crocheted gifts. It is fun to give and all the knitting has kept me out of prison.

    Let’s leave it better than we found it. Let’s do what we can where we are.

    Happy thoughts!

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    1. YOU go Lady! It is not the amounts we give that add up^ in stowing our fortunes in Heaven, It is the Spirit in which we Give…..A dollar donated by a poor man, is the same as a fortune donated by a Rich man; and then written off as a tax deduction! I now have three hundred writers/fans, if we could just all act together & Multiply, we could change this world into a paradise for our children to inherit, would not that be nice? I really liked “getting our collective heads out of our collective rears” excellent statement! Your Fan, George

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      1. That tax deduction…for the middling classes, charity deductions went away. Giving is down, except among the poorest of us. I just wish there was a more efficient give than money. It has so corrupted our lives. Anyone know what barter is any more? And you’re right, it isn’t the amount, but the spirit in which it is given as we are all alive to witness the miracle and wonder of our existences. Let us all be humbled.
        Love ya, George! ~VJ

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  2. I did a quick search and found many wealthy people are helping others. I am positive the list I found was not complete.

    Warren Buffett was the world’s richest man in 2018. He has invested in many companies and is known as the best investor of all time. The best thing about him is his goodwill and humble nature. He has donated over $21.5 billion to various charities. He donates over 90% of his revenue to do some social service. Thus, almost all the money he earns is used for creating a positive difference in society.

    Warren Buffet has pledged to donate 85% of all his wealth to “The Giving Pledge” foundation. This foundation is run by Bill and Mendila Gates.

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    1. Sir, the last time I looked at the Fortune 500 list the Gates came in second to Jeff Bezos as the Richest people in this world, with a 93 Billion dollar fortune, this is after they pledged 1/2 half of their fortune to so-called good “causes”, back when they only had $60 Billion $…..It seems to me, and I could, of course be wrong, that all they donate is the Interest on their mega billion dollar fortune investments, which is of course a nice tax write-off…..Mr. Buffet has only “Pledged” not actually given…..He is over 85 years & still after earning that next Billion bucks to stuff into his bank account, mean-while we have 40 million homeless people on our streets, people lining up^ at our food pantries, while the rich give them-selves big gala parties celebrating their “Charitable” giving…..Get Real here, Brother!


  3. Well, it is Saturday night, and Blues night on my NPR station here in Homer, Alaska, so I had to get off my ass and play on my drums, along with those Great old Blues Songs! Today was interesting, I went out and spread fire ashes on our rather steep road, & neighbors stopped to thank me for that good deed, as it had turned to ice in this unusual warm weather, then my coal man showed up^ with a delivery, and because my feet are all swollen up^ he brought me in a load of fire-wood from the pile, and buckets of coal so I could stay warm…..Such Blessing’s! It is the Great Spirit looking after little old me…..Why? Because each day I wake up^ I remember to give Thank’s, to that Sacrificing Sun, the moon for reminding me that the Sun still shines, tho it is on the other side of this world of ours……I believe an expression of Gratitude, goes a long way to make this World of Ours a better place to live and have our being……All of which serves to remind me that people are lined up^ at our local food pantry, needing Help, and I have a few extra bucks in my checking account that I can afford to donate, so there it is; Gratitude to find my old Heart still beating in my chest this lovely morning!

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