Ah! The Audience;

Well the stadium is filling up^, This old man must have some-thing interesting to say, I am up^ to three Hundred, I want 30,000 + Readers, Writers to join in on this Party….. ~~~~~Acting Together, we can turn this sad old world into a Paradise! ~~~~~No More of WAR, and the Weapons of WAR……………….. ~~~~~Our Children are depending on US to make this Happen, Here & Now….. ~~~~~We can do it by all coming Together….. ~~~~~When we accomplish this, I believe this Universe will open it’s self up^ to US, and visitor’s will decide by to introduce them-selves to us, because we will be off of the “No-Fly” List……This is such a Simple thing, to lay down the Guns, and quit manufacturing Bombs How hard is that to do? Just Say; “NO MORE”…………………….. ~~~~~

2 thoughts on “Ah! The Audience;

  1. The content of this post of yours, dear Sir, is wonderful. Your thoughts and message are wonderful. It is a message from a kind and noble man. Personally, i think we have long way to go. Not to be pessimist, but i think we have long way to go. For a few reasons that -i’m more than sure- you’re aware of. Nevertheless, we should all pay attention to your message and keep it as the guidance which is proper to follow. Have a wonderful day, dear Sir.

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