Whistling into the Wind;

This is the strangest thing I ever had happen to me, Here I am, a little Old Man, sitting in his old log cabin, just saying; and all of sudden I had like 180 + e-mails from good writers all over this world of ours, I cannot possibly reply to all of them, much as I would like to; So I am saying Thank You to all of those Great Writer’s on here, who took a moment out of their lives to think of me, and Read and comprehend what I had to Say! ~~~~~It makes me feel like I am not whistling into the Wind…..IF we could all Join Together, and we all have fans of ours, we could make a Change in this World of Ours, from preparing for War to Preparing for Peace….. ~~~~~We could turn this World of ours into a Paradise to bequeath to Our Children, all it takes is the Will to make it Happen! ~~~~~Let Us join Together and make it Possible!

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