To Michael A. Kuch;

Well brother, I just spent the last hour enjoying your long Poem, with the wonderful Photo’s especially the one of that old Bridge over the river…..I almost gave up about 2/3 of the way through, but I kept on and preserved, I was rewarded with the experience of sharing a magnificent Poem, an Ode to Joy any awards you receive are well-deserved, Sir…..I also have over 50 posts published, but they are as nothing compared to yours. Thank YOU Sir for a work of Love & Art…..I will go back after my eyes have had a rest and read the rest of your works of Art…..

3 thoughts on “To Michael A. Kuch;

    1. No, Sir, thanks are due to YOU for making the time to create that wonderful post. I would not waste a second on a meaningless post, I just flee from those sites, I allow no ads on my site. Money holds no interest for me, therefore I can say what-ever I happen to think in this moment.

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