I Wonder, I Wonder;

If humans even begin to realize the potential of this inter-net, we can now talk to and get to Know People all over this Planet, it brings us together! ~~~~~I am a Deaf man, so telephones are out, yet I can communicate with people in Kenya, Africa, Australia, Asia….What a wonderful invention! ~~~~~I think on here Every-one can share their thought’s and have them commented on, what better way to get to know one and the other? ~~~~~I just made a new friend down-under in Australia, and I live in Alaska; from the bottom of this world to the Top, in mili-seconds. I am able to connect with a new-found brother in New York, I wonder how many people really appreciate this modern Miracle, or Magic, as the case may be? ~~~~~I just bought a New Lap-top, as this one is aging out, back-up is important to me, because with-out this machine I could talk to no-one! ~~~~~Loneliness has a horrible effect on us, we need to communicate with each other, if we are ever going to bring the “House of Mankind” into being a reality! All we have to do is want it to be a Reality! ~~~~~I think, I think, so the order of this day is to Clean up^ the mess we have made by treating our one and only home in this Universe, like it was a giant garbage dump…..There are millions of people out here looking for work, jobs, the Big Job is Home-Keeping….Let us put them to work! Enough Said…..

11 thoughts on “I Wonder, I Wonder;

  1. Three themes here, and I am grateful and pleased with this blogging community I have discovered.
    Loneliness is sad, and it can also be devastating on health. I hope you still can get out for some live visits.
    Lastly I agree let’s take better care of our earth. It frustrates me awfully when I see people drop garbage and butts in the ground and drive/walk away like there is some garbage fairy following them around. Aargh!

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  2. dfolstad58, During the Exxon Valdez oil spill, I was working on an old landing craft, sailing on the waters of Prince William sound, a whale was swimming along-side us, I was admiring the sheer beauty of the deep blue ocean, and smoking a cigarette, which I then tossed the butt into that beautiful ocean, when I suddenly realized I was treating that beautiful ocean like my ash-tray! From that day on I never tossed another butt on this earth, I also got my crew members to stop doing that….I spent two weeks of unemployment picking up^ trash on the city of Homer’s streets, I picked up^ cigarette butts and broken beer bottles, I would go back in a week,and it was like I had never been there, once again, the same litter, when will we ever learn that there is No Away, no magic fairies to come and clean up^ after us? Many years ago the old Italian ladies would go out and sweep up the streets, because a clean neighbor hood showed pride in the way we lived, even if we were poor…..I see all of these photo’s of rivers filled with plastic waste, the people who reside there have no pride, they just toss in some more, yet their lives depend on having Clean Water to drink, they spend their pennies on bottled water, and then guess what, that empty plastic bottle is tossed into the river, the ocean, human’s better wake up^ or we will drown in our own trash! How sad!

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  3. I wholeheartedly support your theories, it is a wonderful invention indeed. The bible said tgat the son of man would not return until every human being have a chance to know of him…i chose to see the internet bringing God’s plans to fruition as well as connecting us in your great house of mankind. Hope you are having a blessed day.
    I am happy we can provide some respite from loneliness. Stay in touch…I promise to stay in touch with you as well.

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    1. Hey Gifted, nice reply! I am not much of a ‘god, created out of the mind of man guy’ I believe there is a Great Spirit, and His Queen, and together they create every least thing with great love and attention, When you look up^ at night and take in the stars you are seeing the Great Love the Creator has for His Queen, for the Stars are embroidered into Her Cloak. Just like Day has Night, Man has Woman, it is all a great balancing act!

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      1. Hey! Gifted50, Happy Thanksgiving! Today I stepped out-side and thanked the Sun for shinning for us, I thanked this good earth for providing us with a life to live, I thanked all of those millions of Turkeys who gave their lives that we might feast today! I also thanked this site for introducing me to nice people like yourself!

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    1. Hello again, Mr. Gottfried, I had given up^ on you because you used so many Emoji’s, and one word reply’s To me serious discourse requires deep thought, not just one or two words. If I write a page or two on a subject, a one word or just an Emoji, is like a diss of my writing!…..Maybe we could do better?


    2. “Don’t piss off old people, the older we get the less “Life in Prison” is a deterrent” Wisdom from my sister 10,000 miles away from me….Still Gottfried still the three word comment, at least without all those #@#@#@#emoji’s…..


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