I just say, what it is I have to say;

I do not care if any Human Being responds, I have had my say here; If only one person responds, well, it was worth it. Words are easy to come by, it is the Feelings, that are hard to convey into another person’s mind….. ~~~~~I do not Think the Way You Think! ~~~~~I think of My Children, and what the Future holds for Them! ~~~~~We are “Here”; and then we are gone into Infinity, wherever that place is; for no-body has ever come back to chat about it….. ~~~~~I have been given many, many gifts; sometimes the gift is just to wake up^ breathing, and realize I have been Gifted another Day of Life! ~~~~~So I try to remember to step out-side and Thank the Sun for still Shinning! ~~~~~Some times I just haul in Wood for my fire-place, and remember to thank that Tree for it’s Sacrifice, that I will not freeze to death, because I have a Fire! ~~~~~Well, at least I remembered to Water my plants today, they were Thirsty! ~~~~~I do this watering, because on occasion those plants gift me with Flowers! ~~~~~I will, if I think about it plant them in the snow in February, along-side the road for the enjoyment of my Neighbors!, Amaryllis! ~~~~~Switch over….. ~~~~~There are no Hero’s in War, just Dead Men, one of whom might have Fathered a Daughter or Son, who may have invented “Faster than Light-Speed Travel, well we will never know now, he was killed by a road-side Bomb! Or an AK-47 Bullet!…… ~~~~~How Stupid is that, that we waste our time here on Earth, Killing One, and the “Other”? Is that not a form of Population Control? RSVP: Invited…..

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