Do what YOU want to do!

My lady of 30 + years, passed away, a month ago, you know what I am doing?, I am drunk, and stoned, and playing on my drums, you know why? No-body is around to give a shit!, so I can do what-ever I want, I can sit here on this little machine, and write out what I am feeling, at this very moment! ~~~~~I am of two-minds here, One is, I want to save our world for our children to enjoy!……And then, I am tempted to just say f–k it, let it be!…………………… ~~~~~Which choice to make? ~~~~~I do not desire to see those Evil, Greedy, F–k’s win this deadly game! ~~~~~I want my Children, (And ALL CHILDREN) are My children…..Inherit an Earth of plenitude, to just pluck fruit from the trees, and never have to SHOP! ~~~~~A Paradise does not exist; It must be Created from the Heart’s of people! ~~~~~Where does this inspiration arise from?……Maybe when we get sick of the same old s–t! Over & Over again. BUY THIS! YOU MUST HAVE THAT!…….Just SIGN on that Dotted Line, do not bother your-self with that fine print! What a sucker’s game! ~~~~~Before you are even aware of it you’ve got $20,000. of credit card debt, and if you should happen to get sick, uh! oh! can’t pay that bill too! Bankrupt, out on the hard-knock streets! Over 40 Million American People are in this situation…..Think they will get Bailed-Out, big laughter here!…..That is just the way it is Bro, tough luck!……Some folks got a whole heap of money in their bank, yet they would not think to hand $5.00 to a homeless man, woman, or child……Strange World, Strange World, indeed……Written with Pink Floyd’s Music, 11/13/2019….

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