Drunk, Stoned, falling Asleep;

And dreaming, dreaming, dreaming….. I dreamed that I had died, and then awoke in this beautiful world, where Elephants were good friends of man, they helped to shape the very World we lived in, and Whales, talked to us of how this World was Created. And they said to me: The Great Spirit did NOT Create Man to wage endless Wars, and perpetuate “Man’s inhumanity to man”,The Great Spirit created men to have an Awareness of It’s Self, to find the Stars above His Head, to hold in Awe the Great Beauty of this Universe He created out of NOTHING……… ~~~~~Those Stars we see above us, are the Cloak He Created for His Wife to wear, just to show Her, how much He Loved Her! ~~~~~Look Out at night and Behold the Glory of Creation, A trillion, trillion Stars, that just go on living Forever……Galaxies, as far as man’s telescopes can see! How many human’s have seen that Hubble Telescope’s Photo of a supposed “Empty Space” and viewed the Wonder’s of an a Million + Galaxies just going on, and on and on? ~~~~~Human’s Created with “Free Will” have a tendency to forget the Majesty of a Universe when their bellies are demanding Food, and clothes and Shelter from the Storm! ~~~~~How small this Lovely World becomes when men succumb to Small Mindedness, and Greed takes them over! Then all they have is endless War and Self-Destruction! ~~~~~They forget the Song’s the Whales sang to Them; of Peace and Harmony; and how they could, if they so desired,Make a Heaven of Earth, for their Children to enjoy! ~~~~~This is all My Dream, so I cut off that “News Feed”, I shut every-thing OFF, so my Dream could just possibly come True! ~~~~~”In the beginning, there was nothing, nothing at all, but the Creator Spoke, saying “It exists” and behold! In order that the Lie of God, might be God’s Truth, the Universe at once began to Exist!” Author, not Remembered…… ~~~~~What am I doing here but playing with Words? Just trying to Stir-up^ ancient memories! A time when Elephant’s helped to Create this World, and the Whale’s would Whisper to Us: “Love, Love, Love one Another! ~~~~~Done Here!

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