The Endless Drivel;

I tried to sign on to You-Tube, to forward my Drum playing out into this world, but the instructions just went on like, For-ever, I watched boring video’s on You-Tube, about how the engineers of this site wrote their code, I never got to the point, which was to watch a video, of how to use my little lap-top to film and transmit my Drum playing out into this viewing World……My comment here is to fire all of those Lawyers, Lay them off, and write in simple to understand sentences. I am never going to Sue You for any-thing, why would I bother myself to do that? I am an old man, sitting alone in his old log cabin……I have just wasted many hours of my remaining life to learn, Nothing! Google Engineers: Get Your shit together, and proceed from complexity to simplicity…….I just feel like I just paid all of this money out for NOTHING……

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