The Impossible Dream;

I just spent all of yesterday trying my best to gift away $100,000.00 I find it was impossible to do on this computer. I will have to write out Paper Checks, Oh well that is what the US Postal Service is for, is it not? If I just have the correct address I can drop the check in the mail and have it delivered in a couple of days, Is this not Magic? ~~~~~We are sure lucky people to have all of these services available for us to use and enjoy! What the fuck is money, anyway? Stuffed into a Mattress it ain’t worth shit. If I gift it away to an out-fit like Doctor’s Without Borders, it will help many sick people get well again, I will send them tomorrow another $5,000.00 dollar check! Oh! and my local food pantry, another $5,000.00 These checks are in the mail! Signed, sealed, stamped, delivered!

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