a note to “truth to freedom” blogger…..

I have no idea why you would waste your precious life fucking with a little old man, sitting in his solitary confinement cave……What a m I to YOU? ~~~~~Here is the definition of the word “Submit” ~~~~~vt.-mitted,-mitting[Me submitten<L submittere<sub-,under,down+mittere,seeMission] to present or refer to others for decision, consideration etc. 2.to yield to the action, control,power,etc.of another or others,also,to subject or allow to be subjected to treatment, analysis,etc. often used reflexively 3 to offer as an opinion; suggest; propose-vi 1,a) to yield to the power, control, etc. of another or others; give in b) to allow one’s self to be subjected to treatment analysis,etc. 2. to defer to another’s judgement or decision 3 to be submissive, humble obedient etc…….Webster’s New World Dictionary….. ~~~~~So how about YOU LEAVE ME The FUCK ALONE so I do not HAVE to spend my precious moments of life DELETING YOUR Trite meaningless CRAP!

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