I Stepped out-side today;

I got out my old wheel-barrow and brought in two loads of wood, I was going to call out for HELP, but I decided not to do that, I can do it, I told my old self, do not call out for help until one is down to that last moment of Life! ~~~~~I spent an Hour on my Twelve and eight tongued drums to play an ode for that woman I shared thirty years of my life with. ~~~~~Every Year I put on this light show, It is long darkness, so it needs some lights, YOU can see mine from miles away….. ~~~~~Drive up^ that old North Fork Road, from that last curve you will begin to see my PEACE SIGN and then in the windows I have just cleaned you will start to see a Light Show appear, it will last all through this Winter, it will change all the time for I have many, many lights, I can go from Gold to Red to Blue, to Green…………………………….. ~~~~~I can make magic as long as that Sun shines in my windows and lights up^all of those Crystals all of those crystal balls I so carefully placed, and cleaned today….. ~~~~~Rain-bows are playing on all of my walls and ceilings. I just carefully placed my first string of Lights for that Light Show…… ~~~~~This Year for the First time Ever I am doing a Laser Light show, all I have to do is PLUG IT IN when darkness descends on me!……………… ~~~~~Which at this time of year, is 7 PM…………. ~~~~~Let me see; I picked my nose, but NO BOOGERS,,,,,My sense of HUMOR got up^ and left me, did my right hand know what the left hand was doing? ~~~~~Let me see; the left hand was keeping the beat going, While my Right Hand Played Rhythm, it all worked it’s self out! Happy Holidays, ~~~~~Do not buy shit this year, just gift each and the other with HUGS, and you will have destroyed that fucking GREED MONSTER…… ~~~~~I used to just gift MONEY, that way the gifted could get anything they wanted, instead of some piece of shit nobody wanted or enjoyed………………. ~~~~~I am going to watch and enjoy this Sun’s Setting; I am sure it will be Beauty-full as usual;;;;; ~~~~~I just got down on my knees, I am blinded by that light, that wonderful LIGHT…… ~~~~~Ain’t nothing else need to be said, here/now…..

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